The actress Hit STS “Senyafeda” shared observations about the wardrobe of her heroine, warm relationships with screen children and personal space for her son.

December 7, the fifth season of the spin-off of the “Kitchen” is coming out. During this time, your heroine changed the wardrobe many times. For example, you often wore an overhead stomach, because Marina was pregnant?

One season I myself was pregnant, then another went with a patch belly when my heroine was already pregnant. For a long time I had a free cut outfits on me. But this season, Marina finally began to wear fitted things. For two years I gave birth, I feel great, so at some point I asked the costume artist: “Or can I a tight blouse?”

They say that children and animals are the best actors, because their organics can only be envied. Noted this on the site?

Borya and Cyril have been growing with us for three years and literally, and professionally. At first they were very shy, constantly asked for their mother. But this season they finally realized that on the site I am their mother, albeit on the screen. Together we are comfortable, we support each other and treat them with sweets (laughs).

It seems that your children, daughter and son, are very similar to each other. It is immediately clear that brother and sister. Did you manage to create a touching relationship between them, without rivalry and quarrels?

It’s too early to talk about it, because Lusha is still very small. But I really notice how they love each other. Fedya is a wonderful older brother who always helps. If you need to bring the diaper, he will always run after him. He learned to wear a lush. I think he really likes to take care of his sister. And Lukery, of course, is the queen (smiles). Understands that she is the youngest, so she controls everyone.

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Nowadays, the situation when a woman becomes the main earner in the family is no longer so rare. Studies show that this does not pass without a trace for relations.

From the point of view of the woman herself, she studied stubbornly and worked for many years in order to get a highly paid job, and now her husband can only get used to the new reality. Some problems that women who make up more husbands need to know about.

1. Sexy life suffers from the rearrangement of sexual roles. Women who have become a family or simply earn more than a husband do not fit into traditional gender stereotypes. Roles in the family are becoming more and more blurry. As a result, the intimate life of the couple often suffers.

Sexual fantasies are often based on traditional ideas about sexual roles, although this does not mean that partners really want to adhere to these roles in everyday life. But if in ordinary life they are very far from traditional roles, their attraction to each other can weaken. This does not mean that they will really have to change their established roles, but it is important to take this effect to take into account. Think about what you can do to return mutual attraction – for example, change your roles at the level of game and fantasy, without changing them in reality.

2. You are neglecting. It seems to some men that such a state of affairs belittles them, deprives of masculinity. There may be a feeling that they lose a certain competition to the spouse.

However, this reaction does not occur in all. Perhaps they do not want to take on more household duties, since this does not bring them joy at all, but rather, on the contrary. All this is hard for them. And, of course, if such disagreements arise, the wife cannot simply say: “Oh God, stop you already suffer because you don’t feel like a man!”

It is difficult for many women to understand their attitude to family duties: they are both desirable and painful

As with any other problem, understanding and sympathy is important. Think about how you can

help each other feel more comfortable in a new role. He can take on some responsibilities that will help him feel more courageous: repair, repair of the car, etc.D.

3. You yourself do not know how to relate to this situation. Women who make up more are also difficult. Often they want to work at responsible and highly paid work, but at the same time they are still tormented by doubts. For example, due to the fact that they lack time to communicate with children and care for them. Due to the fact that a husband cannot be financially rely on, a sense of security may not be enough. It may not be easy to figure it out.

And what about the so -called “invisible work” of women (duties of mother and housewife)? Yes, many women are burdened by this burden, but many at some level still want to fulfill these duties. They want to lead the child to the pediatrician themselves, observe how he is weighed and measured, and if it is not possible to find time for this, they begin to suffer. It is difficult for many women to understand themselves and in their dual attitude towards family duties, which are both desirable for them and painful. It will be best to take on the main thing (hiking with a child to a doctor, for various events and extracurricular activities), and entrust the rest to someone else.

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There are a lot of articles and even books about the dangers and benefits of the Internet as a whole and social networks in particular. Many see in the transition to the “virtual side” an unambiguous evil and the threat of real life and the warmth of living human communication. However, for some people, the Internet remains the only way to maintain at least some social contacts.

The Internet has discovered opportunities for communication (and changed its shape) even for the most shy of us. Some psychologists recommend online dating as the most secure and provoking minimum anxiety

way to establish social ties. Indeed, hiding behind the pseudonym, we seem to get more freedom, we are more relaxed, we flirt, get acquainted and even curse with our same virtual interlocutors.

Moreover: such a safe way to interact with others is often the only acceptable for people with sociophobia. Social anxiety disorder is expressed in constant fear of one or more social situations in which a person is exposed to strangers or possible control by others.

Professor of Boston University, psychologist Stefan G. Hofmann writes: “The use of Facebook (an extremist organization prohibited in Russia) is motivated by two basic needs: the need to belong and the need for self -presentation. The first is due to demographic and cultural factors, while neuroticism, narcissism, shyness, low self -esteem and self -esteem contribute to the need for self -presentation ”.

The problem arises when we cease to live a real life, because we spend too much time on social networks

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Five writers told us what facets of their personality were able to manifest themselves in a love relationship.

The look of another reveals to us that we ourselves did not know about ourselves. Five writers at our request talked about what facets of their personality were able to manifest in love relationships.

“I did not suspect how the monster I look in the eyes of others”

Igor Irteniev, poet

“By the time our winding life paths merged into one – wide and straight, like Andropov Avenue – my psychological portrait looked something like this. A forty -year -old neurotic, tormenting himself and surrounding questions, to which there is no answer. The misanthropus, considering every good act committed in relation to himself, an attempt to destroy the protective wall, erected among themselves and the rest of the world. A letter and a bore capable of reading a telephone directory capable of crusting to the crust in order to find a typo on page there. 634. A person who hate visual arts in all his meaningless manifestations, with the exception of the creations of Zurab Tsereteli, the music is any, but especially the party of the English horn in the fourteenth symphony of Mozart, the ballet, if he is not on the grass, and then according to the list. Hatter of nature. Having once discovered a sign with the inscription “No smoking” on the observation deck of the Niagara waterfall, I finally came to the conclusion that nature is nothing but an absolutely dead end branch of the development of civilization. If the water is powerless to extinguish the one unfortunate cigarette every second, poured out of water poured, a legitimate question arises: whether he should have been up with all this body? However, I did not suspect that it was precisely by such a monster that I look in the eyes of others. And only my wife is an unchanged organizer of the courtyard subbotniks, a peppy enthusiast who, until the morning, singing under the guitar near the forest bonfire in winter, a thin connoisseur, who is able to lead from the museum only an enhanced outfit of the police, helped me see myself from the side. I realized what the words that seemed to me that seemed to me that seemed to me – “everything is known in comparison”.

Book of the author “Rebelled Hegumen” (Olma Media Groups, 2013).

“And I wrote a book. And then one more. And now I am writing the third. And you know what? I’m happy”

Yana Wagner, writer

“Once there were five of us and we built a business-small, sonorous, self-sufficient. We were weaned to report and ask again, to bustle and adapt, we learned to trust each other without checking. It seemed to us that it would last forever, but it turned out – only ten years. There was a crisis of 2008, and the fact that we built for so long literally died in our hands.

I remember the night. I lay in the dark and thought – who am I? Who am I without all this? What can I present to the world now, when they ask me? (And the world always asks – who you are?) I cried, lying on my back, and tears flowed into my ears. The husband raised himself on his elbow and told me: you are you. First of all. You can do whatever you want. And at the same time you should not. You can learn how to bake the most delicious bread in the world. If you want. Or build one more thing – from scratch. Or go and read all the books that you did not have enough time. View all films. Keep in mind, he said. I am with you anyway, whatever you want. Just know because you are you. By the way, you know what he said. You can write a book. And I wrote a book. And then one more. And now I am writing the third. And you know what? I’m happy”.

Book of the author “Living People” (AST, 2013).

“I found out that I am a monogamous – but nothing portended”

Elena Colina, writer

“I found out that I am a monogamous – but nothing portended. I would not be one -lover with another, I am not inclined to this by the type of personality. Our “I” is the fabric from which our beloved partner pulls out the strings, and different people call our different qualities to life. Here it is, the most important thing: with him I am better. He is a person who is inferior to the way, and I will not notice the elephant in my path, and with others and I would be more vain, vain, evil, stubborn, demanding, selfish. Thanks to him, I have at least an approximate understanding that on Earth I am not the main figure, which is first different, and then to myself. He pulled my best threads out of me. With age, we have less an inner child, more grandmother-hedgehogs of a bone leg, soon love will go into … where it is supposed to go through? In a calm affection. With these sad thoughts, I recently asked: “Your love for me was special?”-a foggy question, but I knew what I mean. I expected to hear something in the range from the formal “hmm, yes …” to “Leave me alone, I’m busy”, and the answer was: “She is still special”. She is now! Special! Here’s what I found out about myself – you can love me with special love by living with me for 24 years in marriage! Something important about yourself can only be found out if you live with a person 24 years old. “.

The author of the author “I don’t want to” (AST, 2013).

“I prefer to deal with family people, they are more responsible”

Leonid Kostyukov, writer

“In my life, love is a family;wife and children, and therefore all changes are associated with the transition from idle to family. The most distinct are probably associated with the household. Before marriage (that is, up to 28 years) I did nothing exactly: I did not wash the dishes, did not take out the garbage and so on. At the moment, I have all the skills of farming to an average degree.

Here, however, scientific honesty encourages me to amend me. Since I am married about half of my life, some changes would have occurred over these half my life, even if I had left completely alone.

Probably, it was for the sake of the family that I learned to perform relatively boring, non -creative, repeated operations – which would not do for myself. I began to treat business differently at all. In my youth, the assignment (for example, the boss) was most often conventionally for me: you can do it, but you can convincingly explain why it was impossible to do it. Blood (family, its) business does not imply tricks and excuses. This attitude extends to any extent to official affairs and such a transformation, in my opinion, is a very common thing. Therefore, on any question, I prefer to deal with family people: they are in principle more responsible. “.

Book of the author “Great Country. Maggie “(OGO-Prose, 2009).

“With him, I have reached an unthinkable joyful coherence, as in a dance”

Marina Stepnova, writer

“Only when I got married, I realized what confidence is. High feeling. Rare. The Great Ballerina Ekaterina Maksimova in her book “Madame“ No ”wrote that she was ready to jump from the fifth floor to one of her partners – so she trusted him. Now I understand that this is not an exaggeration. I would also jump, honestly. Seconds would not doubt that my husband would be able to catch me. And yet – the longer we are, the more often I notice that our relationship is more and more reminiscent of dance. You know, I, like any hopelessly fortuneclock casino clumsy person, always passionately admired well -stained pairs. Particularly significant tango, of course. This unthinkable joyful coherence, in which, it seems, there is nothing mechanical or complex. As if these two are not even reading thoughts – muscle impulses of each other. And we have more and more often – the same. No, of course, I am still not able to walk around the room without causing furniture to serious damage. But when I finish the phrase that my husband begins, when we think about the same thing at once or see among a million things – the only one who delighted us both … At that moment I feel that we dance tango better than anyone in the world”.

Book of the author “Women of Lazarus” (AST, 2013).

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